My name is Joseph Daniele, and I am an aspiring race car driver from Long Beach, CA. I knew at a very young age that one day I would want to race for a living. Having lived in Long Beach my whole life, it would be my dream to win the Long Beach Grand Prix in front of my home town. Having raced since aged 5 with global racing experience, a never quit attitude, I know I can become what I have always wanted to achieve. With your help that will soon become a reality. Come join me on the Road to Indy as I tackle my second season in the United States Formula 4 Championship and chase my dreams!

Invest in Joseph Daniele Racing LLC

Racing Takes Money and lots of it! Invest in Joseph Daniele, LLC and share in the journey and future profits earned from Racing activities derived from; Merchandising and endorsements. $25,000 Per LLC unit, 100 Units available. I make it big you make it big! Email goracer5578@gmail for an investment packet. S.O.S #202207710670 Federal Tax id Upon request.


Send Donation

Joseph Daniele Racing, would love to funds for: tires, Fuel, Pit fees, Track Fees, Travel expenses etc. Any donation is greatly and deeply appreciated and goes a long way.

2022 USF Juniors Championship Events

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